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April 18, 2010



Beautiful image - not beautiful that she had to work on her "break". We are so lucky to be able to spin as recreation rather than necessity.


Beautiful, one of best you've posted yet, [but her feet are clean!?].


Another wonderful image!

Thank you :-)

(I once read somewhere..maybe it was Barber?...they would suck on sour fruit-cherries, plums,etc.- pits to help with the spittle)


I'm thinking a romanticized look at a very hard future. Lovely though.


Well, the wet doesn't need to come from a bowl or a bucket. In our young woman's case, and in that of most roving flax spindlers, I rather imagine the source of wetness would have been her own spittle. Very handy and ever-flowing.


Barefoot, and not even looking at her spinning.

Good question by Manise.


Yahoo you are back! I love, love this 'Brittany Girl' painting! There is so much to see in there. The color of the sea is wonderful, the sea gulls floating on the afternoon breeze and the flax waving. I love the red cuffs too. I have a nagging question though. Doesn't one need a little bowl of water to wet ones fingers when spinning flax? Perhaps she has a small bucket of sea water out of view?

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