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December 28, 2010



I think the footstools are actually little foot warmers containing coal embers. Love reditions of knitters!


Do you remember a ditch picnic by the bridge at Arles?


mmmmmm, warm feet and knitting! My favorite setting.

Sandra D

Thank you again for beautiful art and insight. It's always a delight to visit here!


I also find it interesting how they are holding their needles. Is "dutch knitting" - with the needles sticking up that way, different from what I do - with the needles pointing down?


Are they all wearing some sort of aprons? And I could use a stoof right now!


Very enjoyable post. A foot warmer sounds yummy.
Happy New Year!


Great post! I always learn something here ;-)

Today I learned what a Stoof is! I have the little pot, but not the box ...



Thanks for sharing all the pictures, Marcy. And Happy New Year!


Great post - love those pictures. Thanks, Bertie, for the added info. Nice to know their feet are being warmed.


The box under the women's feet is called a "stoof" in Dutch. It is made of wood, it has one open side and the other sides used to have holes in an ornamental pattern. In the box a small ceramic pot is placed containing glowing embers taken from the fireplace. In this way your feet won't suffer from the cold and the draught.
Lovely post!


Are they all sitting on the same chair? Most of them have their feet on a box too... looks like the chair was built for someone taller. ;)

It's possible the black & white watercolour was actually a value study, and wasn't in colour.


Well, it could be that they all have their feet upon some sort of stool or is it that they are all knitting in the round?


I love knitters in artwork. Many don't realize how much women worked in the past. It was pretty much all the time. I always enjoy Habetrot.


Yes! And I think I need one for my own use! I love the pictures, thank you!


I love the foot stools/ boxes/ steps! Helps to raise the lap up like a table. I find myself sitting with my feet on their tiptoes or on the rung of a chair while knitting. Great post and art!

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