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January 29, 2011



I love the lady of many patterns and lovely headgear--it made my morning.


Wow - She looks like Margaret Hamilton (aka Elmira Gulch). I wonder if Elmira ever spun. I doubt it, if so she would have been much calmer and not worried about yippy little dogs.


Hmm, What is behind her? It looks like a rolled drop cloth, maybe supplied by the photographer? It doesn't look like a wall to the shed. I can't imagine spinning in such a dreary 'shed'. I think the photographer just put her and her wheel there for the photograph, don't you?


Your posts are always interesting, but this one made me smile with your comment about her obviously being enamored with pattern. I wonder what the colors were, ha, ha.


Most interesting, thank you for sharing. Yes, the hat is very 'non-Welsh'!

Dianna Rubidge

Great photo.

I hadn't heard of mill processed rolags. Is there such a thing these days?


Nice to see someone in a photo like this who is actually holding the fibre like she knows what to do with it. I love her hat - very unlike a 'traditional' Welshwoman's hat. Thank you for sharing.

JGR  (Judi)

This has to be one of my all time favorite posts. the pictures, the history, the everything.

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