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August 23, 2011



and now I have to wait untill... to find out what I am missing here???


Have you _looked_ at Victorian crochet? Some of it is gawd-awful and would have been right at home in the 1960s!


I'm trying to figure out what are those critters on the bucket in the lower left corner. Owl and a rat? Owl and a buzzard? My Granny was from the Aran Islands and she would crochet, knit and weave so that isn't unusual to me.


crochet w/ fringe...too 70's, 1970's that is...


Got it in one, Charlene! Yup, the shawl is what I'm talking about. Perhaps it's just me, but the crochet seems incongruous.


Is it that she is wearing a crocheted shawl that looks like a Granny Square derivative?

Jumped out at me


I don't see it. (Happy belated blogiversary, by the way!)


Hmmm.. needle count looks fine, you can't see the one hiding in her left hand. It's a darned long stocking, but so? Sure, the shawl is crochet, but perhaps it was a gift from a sailor boy...

Wait! I know, she's a man in drag!!!


Yep... same as above. Unless there's a needle hidden in some way by her hands? Which is it that you noticed...? Or is there something we're all missing?


The three needles doesn't faze me, but the crocheted shawl does.


Only three needles? I've done that, but by mistake. Also, that shawl is not nearly as handsome as she deserves.


Interesting that she's wearing a crocheted shawl.

As for the knitting, she's got two plus the one in her hand. She could be doing gloves or a sock toe, which many people do on two until later in the pattern...

I want her egg basket. It looks sturdy.


Well it seems to me that she is knitting either a stocking or a sleeve in the round on two needles...
Nice crochet shawl too.

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